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6 travel trends for 2019: help your community take incredible trips

With a new year ahead of us, travel plans are on everyone’s minds. Do you know how you’ll be traveling in 2019? What’s more — does your community? We’ve crunched the numbers: our community’s search, booking, and wishlist habits point to six travel trends that’ll define the way we see the world next year. Read below to get the low-down on 2019’s trends. For a more in-depth look at the trends, head to our magazine and take our quiz!

1. Tried and true trips

Why: The hits are hits for a reason — and it’s getting even easier to see them. In 2019, we’ll see more iconic landmarks and must-see sites put technology to work. This means that algorithms and skip-the-line ticketing will make waiting in line a thing of the past. 

How: Promote experiences like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum alongside fun activities like Segway tours and help them make reservations for the nearest moonlit cruise. These non-traditional experiences flip the script on classic tourism.

2. Micro-itineraries

Why: Longer hours, busier lives — but we’re traveling more than ever. How does that work? Thanks to flexible working hours, cheaper short-haul flights, and last-minute booking apps, 2019 will see us making every minute count. 

How: Create a micro-itinerary for your destination. Forget “48 hours in” and opt for “an afternoon in.” Show your community that they can make the most of every minute.

3. The journey within

Why: For many of us, travel is a break from our day-to-day lives. Appeal to your community’s busy schedules: between work, meetups, the gym, friends, partners, and family, schedules are packed. Let them know mindfulness is here to stay. 

How: Encourage activities designed around relaxation and self-discovery. Whether it’s soaking the stress away or learning a new skill, let your community know it’s good to come back from vacation feeling renewed.

4. Socially conscious travel

Why: Let’s face it: we’re always online. We’re constantly consuming media — which means we’re in “the know” every minute of every day. But with more connectivity comes more accountability than ever before. As a result, we’re more aware of the impact our travel has on communities, wildlife, and the environment

How: Point your readers towards tours with a purpose. Spread the message to your community: if we can’t leave a place better than we found it, we definitely don’t want to leave it worse off.

5. Travel back in time

Why: Breaking news: the modern world can be a little bit much. It makes us wish for simpler times — back when people sent letters to stay in touch and steam engines were considered fast. Tell your readers it’s OK to take a break from the headlines.

How: Help your community escape modern-day chaos in the comforts and stories of the past. Experiences like ancestry tours, journeys via steam train, and trips back in time are perfect to promote.

6. Solo travel

Why: 2019 is all about embracing independence and you know, “doing you.” This is part of a social shift in how we view independence and personal freedom. Plus, social media, flexible work schedules, and the fact that a lot of us are staying single for longer make solo travel ideal. 

How: Encourage your community to see the world on their own. Why? Because it fosters creativity, independence, and gives you the time (and space) to really get to know yourself. Encourage your community to document their trips for loved ones back home or take a group trek if they’re feeling sociable.


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